Individual Consultations

You are unique and so are your health goals! During our personal consultations, I partner with you and provide a safe, positive, nonjudgmental space to discuss and discover the best ways to achieve your health goals and empower you with scientifically proven tips and tools to suit your lifestyle. Get in touch for a complimentary 20-minute virtual consultation.

Per Session –  $60 (45 minute session)


6 Session Package – $300 (45 minutes each session)


Smart Shopping

Does going to the grocery store and shopping for healthy choices overwhelm you? Let us help you navigate the aisles of choices and confusing labels so that you can shop with confidence! This interactive Smart Shopping Trip includes a trip to the grocery store of your choice, assistance making healthy selections, reading labels and a suggested brand(s) shopping list.

$125 for 120 minutes


Combo Smart Shopping Trip and Pantry Makeover – $200


Pantry Makeover

If you want to get your family onboard with healthy eating, then pantry makeover is the first step. Pantry makeover is a fun, interactive way to stock your pantry with healthier options of your choice. You will learn about traffic light eating and how to effectively read food labels and create a shopping list of healthy substitutions according to what you and your family prefer and like, while staying within your budget. Some of the things we will discuss are-

  • Traffic light eating
  • Label reading
  • Making a shopping list
  • The dirty dozen
  • Healthy Substitutions list
  • Brand recommendations
$100 for 90 minutes


Combo Pantry Makeover and Smart Shopping Trip – $200


Online Classes

Online program is perfect for people who want affordable, flexible, simple and convenient way to learn about improving their health. You will have 24/7 access to the short interactive educational videos and activities which you can watch at your own pace and convenience. The online program comes with limited group or individual coaching sessions where you can get answers to your questions and discuss your goals with me. The online program is suitable for individuals, groups or organizations. A certificate of completion is also provided for those who require it. Please call or email me for more details.

* Online courses include limited number of individual coaching sessions.

Prime Time Health Online Class – $300 (5-10 weeks)


L.E.A.N Start Online Class – $350 (Duration is 6-12 weeks)


Combo of Prime Time Health and L.E.A.N. Start – $600



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